Don't miss the customer with Izmir

With İZBAN, don't miss out on the customer: In Izmir ”Sector Meetings” meeting of Torbalı Chamber of Commerce, real estate and real estate office owners met. TTO President Abdulvahap Olgun, B İZBAN and citizens should not run into Izmir. Both the public and the private sector need to sign the investments to stimulate social life, Hem he said. TTO President Abdulvahap Olgun, starting the İZBAN voyages in real estate and real estate sector will be the water of life, he said. Mr. Olgun said that it would be a great blessing for the district to come to İZBAN. In order to prevent the county people from going to İzmir, both public and private sector should sign the investments to stimulate social life.
Underlining the need to take measures to prevent İZBAN from becoming a handicap in Torbalı, Olgun said: alı Tradesmen will improve themselves. Social life needs to be revived. Otherwise, the citizen will make the shopping from Izmir Izmir to Izmir ”. Olgun underlined that the new room building is equipped with investments that will contribute to the social life of the district. Very soon, our restaurant and cafeteria will be put into service. We have prepared a professional committee room for our members. Our members will be able to make business contacts and meetings with their guests here. The work we have brought to our district will contribute not only to the economy but also to the social life. İl
Abdulvahap Olgun, who said that Torbali trade is going through the construction sector, stated that the sales of stagnant houses will increase with the arrival of İZBAN. Emphasizing that the benevolence of İZBAN will be very much, Mr. Olgun continued his words as follows: de We must turn the swivels in our favor. Our businesses should improve the quality of service and branding. However, our district needs social investments. People with İZBAN will be in Izmir for half an hour in 40 minutes.
If both the public and the private sector sign the investments to stimulate social life, our district becomes a center of attraction. Torbalı's social life should be improved. ”Mr. Olgun stated that he should not open up an eye for the real estate agents and the legends and called for unity. Real estate agencies to establish a delegation among themselves, this delegation will work to solve the problems under the leadership of the TTO.

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