Zam Is Not Satisfied with Private Public Buses

Zam Don't be Satisfied with the Private Public Buses in Istanbul: The 2016 year hike in IETT officially started today. However, the hike was not liked by the Private Public Buses Ancak
Tradesmen Chamber of Private Public Bus Owners and Operators has found the public transportation increase determined by IMM as 7. In his statement, the President of the Chamber, İsmail Yüksel said, N Considering that the travel fee in the European precedent cities is 1 euro, the current tariff is still inadequate today. Oda
Here is the full description of Yüksel: Bus, tram, metro, tunnel, ferry, train passenger transportation fees determined by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to be valid from 31 January 2016: Full ticket 2.30, student 1.15, discount has been increased to 1.65 TL. With this arrangement, the increase rate is reflected as approximately 7.
However, in the last year, there has been an increase in operating and labor costs by approximately% 25. This shows that the arrangement is below the operating costs.
The last time to the urban passenger transport tariff was made on the date of June 2004 and below the inflation figures. The public tariffs for public transport have not changed since the 20 month.
Personnel expense increased by 25 percent
In addition, our personnel expenses increased by% 25 due to the increase in the minimum wage. In addition, the conversion of our vehicles by 100 with low base and new vehicles has increased our cost by% 25.
Considering that this is the 1 euro for all of this and the trip fee in the European precedent cities, the current tariff is still inadequate today and it is concluded that the public bus incurred the operation costs.

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