May Be A Monorail Solution To Istanbul Traffic

Can There be a Monorail Solution to Istanbul Traffic: How much time do you spend in traffic? 1 clock, 2 clock, 3 clock? In one of my articles, 2014 mentioned Tom Tom's ışık Traffic Congestion Index traf. Things have changed in 2014. Istanbul settled in first place.
According to the data released in 2015, drivers in Istanbul are experiencing a delay of average 58 on traffic. This delay reaches 109 in the evening traffic. This means that the 30 is a distance of one minute to 62 per minute. Does the situation change in 2016? We can't just laugh at it right now. Many drivers are on the brink of driving in Istanbul.
There are many reasons why traffic jams are so intense. Unplanned urbanization, narrow and irregular roads, drivers who do not comply with the traffic rules, increasing population and number of vehicles with inadequate public transportation systems are the first reasons that come to mind.
In fact traffic congestion is a problem in all the mega cities of the world. But Istanbul has a unique structure. Every morning, millions of people travel from one continent to another and return home in the same way in the evening. Two bridges, one rail system and limited sea lines. The Eurasia tunnel and 3, which are currently under construction. The Bosphorus Bridge will undoubtedly bring short-term relief, but there will be no long-term solutions to the Istanbul traffic.
Istanbul needs urgent and radical solutions. These solutions can only be provided by rail systems. Currently there are some new metro lines that are under construction and are in the project phase. However, Istanbul receives so much immigration and it is growing so fast that new ones are in need until these subway lines are ready.
Well spoken in Turkey for many years but somehow can not be converted to real "monorail" s (or as it entered our language "havaray" s) Need help solution?
Monorails are the simplest expressions of trains running on the air on a single rail system placed on concrete blocks. It is much more sensitive to the environment than most transport systems, it is quiet and it is cheaper. Because concrete blocks are built on top, they can create a slightly depressing image in tight spaces. But when used in large areas, it is really quite a visual structure. The pleasure of watching the outside of the window while traveling inside is undoubtedly a different one. Since there is a thin structure and open areas between the rails, sunlight is not blocked too much.
Could the monorail be a solution?
Social İnavosyo we met at the Fair Country Manager for Turkey in December with Hitachi monorail Erman Akgun talked in detail. Hitachi is one of the companies that are preparing to enter the construction of the monorail which is planned to be realized in Istanbul.
Monorails generally seem to be public transportation vehicles built for aesthetic purposes, for the short-distance and less passengers carrying more futuristic visuals. However, Erman Akgün states that “Although Singapore is more cosmetic lines like Sentosa Island, the Monorail line in Tokyo, for example, has a much higher passenger carrying capacity than metro stations in Istanbul today.” "Now the mindset has changed and it has been accepted by the authorities that monorails are a public transport solution," he adds.
Metro construction takes near 5 years, while monorails can be completed in 28 months. After all, you don't have to dig a tunnel under the ground. The system is built quite resistant to earthquakes, and after a natural disaster, it is operating again in a very short time (1 days in Japan).
Today, there are many monorail lines from Korea to Malaysia, from Japan to Germany, from Brazil to the US. And there are many more new lines built right now.
Konu A significant portion of the cost of the monorail construction and Turkish firms are very good in this regard. Therefore, we are planning to enter the monorail tenders together with a Turkish partner. Ortak Erman Akgün.
There are a number of monorail lines, some of which have been projected for Istanbul, and some of them have been feasibility studies. They are very close to reality, but they cannot turn. I hope important steps are taken in this year.
As far as I know, my dreams are not included in the projects, but as soon as I turn the line of metrobus into monorail, then I will design a monorail line from one end of Istanbul to the other along the TEM motorway. In this way, a system that does not infringe two strands of E5 like metrobus, which is environmentally friendly, does not create air pollution and noise, is not affected by bad weather conditions.

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