Iranian Metro Extends to Mashhad Airport

Iran Metro Extended to Mashhad Airport: The metro line built to facilitate transportation to Mashhad Airport in Iran was opened on February 6 with the participation of President Hasan Rouhani. The cost of the construction of the line, which is 6 km in length, was 206 million Euros. The construction cost of the line was financed by the Mashhad Regional Railway Company.
The new line is 19 km long 1. was put into service as an extension of the line. Even 70 3'er rail cars produced by CNR Changchun serve underground trains.
According to the statement made by Iranian authorities, 2 is another line that is still under construction. The line will be put into service soon. This line will extend along the 14 km between Koohsangi and Tabarsi. Even 12 units will be found.


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