InterPanter Electric Trains Start Serving in the Czech Republic

📩 09/12/2018 15:29

InterPanter Electric Trains Began Serving in the Czech Republic: The Czech Republic Railways (CD) introduced the new model 660 InterPanter electric trains. Electric trains ordered by Czech Railways in August 2014 were produced by Skoda. InterPanter trains, which replaced the old trains used since the 1970s, began serving on the Prague-Ceska Trebova-Brno line on January 27th.
In total, 14 of 4 units ordered by 3 was produced as 10 with wagon and 4 was produced as 160 with wagon. The trains on the hour can go up to 42 km and the doors are designed as low floors. 350 of the InterPanter electric trains produced can serve XNUMX passengers, first class.
Trains were produced in accordance with European Union TSI-PRM standards. Trains include playgrounds for children, bicycle luggage areas and wi-fi service.

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