UK South Western Line Administration Decided

In the UK it was decided for South Western Line Administration: Two separate companies were determined for the management of the South Western rail network in the UK. 4 from the UK Department of Transportation announced in February that one of the companies Stagecoach and FirstGroup will be selected for the administration of the line. With the agreement to be made, one of the two companies will start in July of 2017.
In the South Western region where the 14 part of the flights made on the British Railways is made, approximately 1700 train is carried out daily. There are also major stations such as London, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Devon and Dorset on the South Western Railways with a total of 200 stations. The Isle of Wight is also located within this area.
British Railway Minister Claire Perry said in a statement that the South Western region of the most intensive lines of the country, so the management of these lines is very important, he said. In addition, the agreement with the citizens using these lines will no longer receive better quality services, he added.

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