Tramways Used for Urban Transportation in Midland, UK

In the city of Midland, trams used in urban transport are changing: UK The 21 Urbos tramway used in urban transport in Midland was modernized to serve as a catenary. 12 by the West Midlands Transportation Agency in February announced that the 21 piece of Urbos tram will serve as a catenary then 4 units were ordered to be ordered more trams. In a statement, the city transportation network will be expanded in the coming years. 2019 separate line is planned to be put into service until 4 in the city.
In the new lines to be made, the trams will serve as catenary. In this way, the long term is planned to save the euro 650000. John McNicholas, head of the West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority, said in a statement that the CAF Urbos trams were put into service in 2012, and in the agreement with the CAF that the trams were subsequently renewed as catenary. City transportation will be more modern after that, he added.

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