Railway underpass improperly used

The railway underpass is improperly used: the railway underpass connecting the Sarayönü bazaar and the Saraç Quarter has become an improper use.
The railway subway built on the request of the citizens residing in the Saraç Quarter has become unusable before 2 year after the construction. First of all the elderly and disabled people who are disabled for the elevator underpass, these days flooded. The underpass, which had accumulated more than 50 centimeters in its ground, became unusable. Citizens who can not use the underpass which turns into a pond, continue to pass over the railway. When a train arrives at the station, the distress reaches the line stage. Citizens can pass under and over the train to their homes.
On the other hand, the underpass, which was abandoned to its fate, has become the bed of improper use. In general, the paintings on the walls of the underpass used by young people were written with spray paints. In addition, the underpass used by some young people for immoral purposes became the definition of the term under-bridge.
People who talk about the underpass, which is the subject of complaints from the surrounding businesses and citizens, said: Why is this place abandoned to its fate? If it hadn't been done. Now this underpass is used for dirty purposes. It's a tool for immoral deeds. We've been witnessing these indecency times. We also call the police from time to time. Here, first order, order to get the order. Bur

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 15:27

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