Historical Varda Bridge Fascinated

The Historical Varda Bridge Viewers Fascinated: The historic Varda Bridge or Big Bridge in the Karaisalı district of Adana fascinates.
The Hacıkırı Railway Bridge, which is also known as the Koca Köprü by the local people in the Hacıkırı (Karaali) village of the Karaisalı district of Adana province, is also referred to as Varda Bridge by identifying with various stories.
Distance to Adana is 64 km from Karaisalı by road. The distance between Adana and Adana Station is 63 km. 10 KM, the distance to the town is fascinating visitors to the bridge.
The bridge made with steel lattice stone knitting technique, finished by the Germans in 1912. 20 on the Bridge. The composition of the century Ottoman and German architectures can be seen. The bridge which is made to a very narrow valley stands out with its height.

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  1. SUPERB STRUCTURE, a ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE! It just doesn't fascinate, HEARTS HUMAN PLEASURE! We are also 21. We still think we're doing more construction in the YY!