Havasan Vadistanbul Park Square 9000 Lira

Vadindanbul Park Square Meter of Havaray 9000 Lira: Artaş Construction has been established with the partnership of Aydınlı Group and İnvest İnşaat. stage is on sale.
Vadistanbul Park, the last stage of Vadistanbul's symbol project of the Turkish construction sector, was launched after the launch held at Çırağan Palace on Tuesday, 9 February. In the long-awaited project, the prices were offered for sale from the average square meter 9.000.
The project of Vadistanbul project in Cendere, 3. The first special metro project will be implemented by the investors of the Vadipanbul Oark project. Havaray will be connected to the city metro line.
The Vadipanbul Park stage of Vadistanbul's 762 residence, which is realized with the partnership of Artaş Construction, Aydınlı Group and İnvest Construction, includes 100 thousand square meters office, 20 thousand square meters homeoffice, 22 thousand square meters store area and 3.700 parking lots.
Located on a total area of ​​424 thousand square meters, the Park stage of the Vadistanbul project has a land area of ​​one thousand square meters.
3 + 1, 4 + 1, 1 + 1daire options are also available at Vadistanbul Park where 2 + 1 and 5 + 1 apartments are concentrated.
Deliveries at Vadistanbul Park, where construction works continue, will be held in December at 2017.
While living in the 2014 dwelling Teras stage, which was delivered in July by Vadistanbul; deliveries will take place in June on the boulevard stage consisting of offices, shopping streets, shopping malls and hotels. The shopping center will be in operation in October.
With the Vadistanbul project, which has a big role in the transformation of Ayazağa, Istanbul's new business and life center is being created as an alternative to points such as Maslak, Nişantaşı and İstiklal Street.
When Vadistanbul is completed, it will be a new city center with a population of 30.000 people. offices, shopping street, AVM'si, hotels, and will be the focus of domestic and foreign investors in Turkey with all the equipment.
In terms of architecture, abd'nindünya renowned architectural offices of SOM Architecture and Design in two of Turkey's leading office project located Architecture signatures, the shopping mall concept consultant to joneslanglasall of the world's leading real estate consultancy companies - JLL assumes.
Representing the Turkish construction sector in international arena so far, Vadistanbul has won many awards with its awards in different fields.
With the total construction size and 2,5 billion USD planned revenue, Vadistanbul; Istanbul and Turkey's image in the world makes a major contribution to the real estate market.
The Park stage, where the last residences of Vadistanbul, which has a construction area of ​​1 million 350bin square meters, is located at a special point where green and blue meet. The project, which has a unique design with Sadabad Valley, has a unique living space with walkways, cafes and restaurants around the creek.
The unique owners of Vadistanbul Park will be provided with many privileges along with unique project equipment. The first of these privileges is the project which will become the new life center of Istanbul and will start to live in a colorful life with all its functions.
Turkey's first private metro Within the project, to be built by investors as Vadistanbul havaray 934-meter line and will connect to the city's metro network havaray line project.
2017 is a new city center which can provide transportation in all directions thanks to the connection of Vadistanbul, TEM, Metro and the third bridge, which is expected to become Istanbul's most valuable, elite and high premium location.

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