Happy Ending is Reached in Kastamonu Cable Car Project

Happy End was reached in Kastamonu Ropeway Project: “Teleferik Project ise, which was named as crazy project by Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin Babaş, was officially approved by 1 25.02.2016 dated 3126.
The Monuments High Board of Ankara, which visited Kastamonu in recent months, has been examined by the teachers and reporters of the 1 Numbered Cultural Property Board and the Teleferik Project, which was approved in principle, reached a happy ending.
9 million TL project was officially approved by the Mayor Tahsin Babaş after the meeting with the High Council for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Ankara 1.
Mayor Tahsin Babaş said that the studies focused on bringing the history of Kastamonu to the surface, and emphasized the importance of creating physical infrastructure in Cultural Tourism. Mayor Babaş stated that the Teleferik Project will be started without losing time and said ağ We had a historical day for Kastamonu. We have received the approval of a very important project to revive the history and culture of our city. The Ropeway Project was very important for us in terms of keeping the historical and cultural physical infrastructure alive. With this project, Kastamonu Castle, Clock Tower, Seyrangah Hill, Coppersmiths Bazaar, 2'ci stage street rehabilitation area and Nasrullah Square will be connected. In addition, as a principle, a ropeway station will be installed within the Aids Parking Lot. This will be done in two elevators that will enable the landing and landing in the station. Bu

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