South Korea's first magnetic rail train entered service (Video)

South Korea's first magnetic rail train was put into service: the first magnetic rail train developed by South Korea in 2006 started to work yesterday between Seoul's Incheon Airport and Yongyu Station. Yaz Korea Herald üret newspaper, the country's first maglev train produced by Hyundai Rotem company wrote.
Thanks to the electric current supplied to the railway, the train that moves without touching the rails moves with the help of magnets pushing each other up to the 8 millimeter of the rails and provides a more noiseless and smooth travel compared to traditional trains.
South Korea's first maglev train has 230 passenger capacity and serves on the 6,1 kilometer route between International Incheon Airport and Yongyu Station.
The maximum speed of the maglev train that can travel without a mechanic is 110 per hour.
Hyundai Rotem won the government's 2006 contract for the commercialization of the maglev train developed in 342.
The world's first commercialized maglev train was launched in 2005 in Nagoya, Japan.
Japan, 21 2015 603 April XNUMX by the speed of the XNUMX speedometer reached a record breaking rate in this area.
The fastest maglev train in the world is serving in Shanghai, China. The speed of the train to Shanghai Transrapid 431 hour to hour.

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