Train accident statement from the German Transport Minister

Train accident statement from the German Transport Minister: German Federal Transport Minister Dobrindt made a statement about the train accident that occurred in the German state of Bavaria.
German Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt held a press conference on the train accident that occurred today in Bad Aibling, in German Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann and police.
Dobrindt, who also made examinations at the accident site before the press conference, said: “The picture in the middle affects the psychology of the person emotionally. Because you cannot imagine that such an unfortunate incident could happen to us. ”
Stating that it is estimated that the trainers of the trains that should not be on the same line are not seeing each other, Dobrindt stated that the trains collide head-to-head without braking. “The trains collided at high speed, head to head,” said Dobrindt. In this line, it is possible that the speeds of the trains will be 100 kilometers at the crossing point of the trains. ”
The cause of the accident is being investigated
Herrmann of the state of Bavaria, Herrmann immediately after the accident, a rescue team of 700 people began the work at the scene recording, said the accident will be done to determine the cause of everything.
"Although there is no one hundred percent security, we should reduce human and technical errors as much as possible," said Herrmann.
On the other hand, in the statement of the state police, it was reported that the number of dead increased to 11 and the number of injured increased to about 100.

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