Davraz Visit from Gebiz Secondary School

Visiting Davraz from Gebiz Secondary School: Gebiz Secondary School under the chairmanship of Süleyman Şahin, 120 students, 12 teachers and parents of students organized a trip to Davraz ski center.

Gebiz Secondary School, School Director Suleyman Sahin headed by 120 students, 12 teachers and students organized a trip to the ski resort of Davraz.

While the weather temperature being above the seasonal normal negatively affected the snow thickness, this was not enough to disturb the pleasure of the trip. Students, many of whom came from the villages, enjoyed the open buffet breakfast in the view of the Karacaören Dam. The children who reached the ski center after the journey, singing songs on the bus, experienced the excitement of taking the cable car for the first time in their lives. The school principal, teachers, parents and students played snowball to the full and held a sledding competition. Warm tea and pleasant drink on top of the open buffet lunch sohbetle, cold hearts warmed. Students were delivered to their homes by buses that were on board with the tiredness of the day but with the same happiness.