The Story of the Sweet Cat Felix Running for the Food by Working at the Train Station

The Story of the Sweet Cat Felix, Running in the Pursuit of Train by Working at the Train Station: We often talk about the oddities of cats, but we can't completely finish this. Because their oddities don't stop. These sweet friends who never give up on us are always in our lives. Even if possible, not just at home, not on the street; take place in all of our living spaces. Just like Felix. Felix, a senior employee of a train station. And he, like us, is pursuing sustenance.
In your opinion, this is what only cats can do; Isn't that a normal cat?

You're wrong. Because Felix, a 'official pest control manager' working at the train station

Felix works at the Huddersfield train station in West Yorkshire. I mean, he has a cool job title, a colored vest and a badge with a name on it. Felix, who has been working for the Transpennine Express railway company for five years, was given a new uniform last week. :) When Felix was brought to the station, only 9 was weekly and soon became a favorite of the station staff.
Felix's Facebook page has full 8500 likes and his fans are growing

. Cats generally think the world revolves around them, İstasyon says one of the station's employees, Felix. Felix also draws a lot of attention at the station all day long and that's why he's incredibly happy. F
Felix observes whether there is a mouse between the station platforms and patrols all night

The place comes; helping passengers with questions

Even at the entrance of the station, there is even a door of its own; so you can come out and come back freely

This may be considered a colleague of Felix 'Tama': He was station manager in a station in Japan before he died last summer.

And if you travel to Huddersfield nearby, maybe you should come to Felix and say hello.

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