New arrangement in ESHOT to 90 minutes

📩 09/12/2018 15:57

New arrangement for 90 minutes in ESHOT: ESHOT has removed the 1.5 minutes application that allows two or more boarding passes free of charge within 90 hours in all districts of Urla, Almonds, Zeytinalani Neighborhoods and Torbalı, especially Ayrancılar. These settlements are included in the price tariffs applied to non-metropolitan districts.
With the introduction of the İZBAN Torbalı Tepeköy line in the past few days, ESHOT went into regulation on some lines. According to this, Urla's number 209 Olive - Fahrettin Altay line and 320 numbered Almonds - Fahrettin Altay line full ticket prices increased from 2 lira 40 kuruş to 4 lira 20 kuruş, student ticket tariffs increased from 1 lira 35 kuruş to 2 lira 30 kuruş. With the new arrangement of ESHOT, nearly XNUMX percent of these lines were raised.
With the decision, which started to be implemented as of 13 February, the free boarding application has ended within 90 minutes in all villages in the district, especially Ayrancılar. Accordingly, if a person who rides from Torbalı to İZBAN takes advantage of the 90 minutes application if he / she transfers to the Metro in any place, a person who uses ESHOT to go to İZBAN from the villages of Ayrancılar or Torbalı will pay both the bus fare and İZBAN. will have to print tickets. While the decision was met with a reaction in Torbalı, it was stated that a signature campaign will be launched over the internet.
Urla's Olive and Bademler Neighborhood residents rebelled against ESHOT's price tariffs. A citizen who came to Fahrettin Altay Metro station from Zeytinalani and Bademler Neighborhood to go to the city center before, provides free transportation to the city center by taking advantage of 90 minutes, while with the new arrangement, the citizen who came to Fahrettin Altay for 4 liras and 20 cents for extra 2 lira to go to the city center He needs to pay 40 cents more.
The authorities stated that the inclusion of Bademler in 90 minutes, unlike other Urla-related settlements, created inequality and eliminated the inequality in the recipes.

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