Electric Locomotive Manufacturing from Tübitak Support

Support from TUBITAK for Electric Locomotive Manufacturing: 1007 Program for Supporting Public Institutions Research and Development Projects; Electric Outline Locomotive Design and Prototype Manufacturing
Call Purpose
Train Control and Management System (TKYS), Trolley System, Auxiliary Power Unit and a unique Electric Outline Locomotive using these components design and prototype production to meet the TSI criteria to perform with local facilities.
Special Conditions for Call
1. In order to ensure the continuity of the design and production of the components to be developed in the project, the private organization (s) in accordance with the 1007 Program legislation should be included in the project as the implementing agency. One of these organizations should be PAPs in the project.

  1. It is expected to cooperate with the university / s in the project proposals submitted to increase the knowledge on the project.
  2. In project scope:
    • Manufacture of traction motor (except design),
    • Locomotive body manufacturing,
    • Production of bogie,
    • The other components which will not be developed within the scope of the project will be procured by TÜLOMSAŞ. Budgeting and work package projects related to these activities will not be included in the project proposals.
  3. Installation, wiring and integration activities will be carried out at TÜLOMSAŞ site.
  4. TÜLOMSAŞ will be added as PYK to the project proposal, which is decided to support after the evaluation process, in a way that will be responsible for the above activities. The PSCs that will apply must not cooperate and communicate with the organization in question to disrupt the equality of competition before the application.
  5. The components to be developed should be designed so as not to violate existing patent and license rights.
  6. For all components to be developed or supplied, the measurements in Annex-1 must be taken as basis.
  7. The equipment developed and the locomotive where these equipment are located must be in accordance with the TSI criteria. For the commercial operation of the locomotives, they must have a certified TSI certificate after the tests to be carried out under the supervision of an independent accredited institution. The necessary infrastructure for all testing and verification works to be carried out during the design and development will be financed by TCDD and will be covered by TUBITAK.
    Project Quality
    Prototype / system / pilot plant
    Targeted Outputs Technical Requirements
    Train Control and Management System (TKYS)

• The Train Control and Management System (TKYS) must consist of vehicle control unit, machine information screens, inter-vehicle sub-systems and inter-vehicle communication systems for coupled operation and provide the features in Annex-2.
• It must comply with EN 50155, EN 61375, UIC 612 standards.
• TKYS must have a multi-control infrastructure of two locomotives.
• Compatible with TCDD's on-board signaling systems (ATS, ETCS / ERTMS).
Trolley System
• Traction motor:
o It must be at least 1250 kW spindle power in continuous regime.
o It must comply with EN 60349-2 and EN 61377-3 standards.
o Efficiency at rated power must be at least% 95.
• Traction converter:
o Regenerative braking should operate in coordination with pneumatic braking.
o It must be able to drive at least a 1250 kW spindle motor in continuous mode.
o It must comply with EN 61287-1, EN 50163, EN 50388 and EN 61377-3 standards.
o It must be four-zone controlled (4QC) to allow bi-directional power flow.
o At rated power, the input power factor should be> 0.98.
o The semiconductors to be used must comply with the IGBT / IGCT technologies.
o Efficiency at rated power must be at least% 96.
• Traction control unit:
o Equipment and rectifier, motor control and general protection algorithms should be developed within the scope of the project.
o If the line voltage is reduced during acceleration of the vehicle, the traction force system must limit the current drawn from the line in accordance with the EN 50388 standard.
o It must comply with EN 50155 standard.
• Cer transformer:
o It must be compatible with at least 6850 kVA converters with continuous power.
The 800 kVA 1000V-1500V must have replaceable train heating output.
o It must comply with EN 60310 standard.
o Efficiency must be at least% 98.
o The transformer and all auxiliary systems must provide the necessary power when operating at full power.
Auxiliary Power Unit
• The Auxiliary Power Unit must be able to provide additional power requirements on the vehicle and charge the battery.
• EN 61287-1 must comply with EN 50155 standards.
• 10 kVA / 72 V / 50 Hz Furgon heating and lighting power output,
• 3 phase 400V feed operation and charging input in workshop mode,
• Power output for the draw frame system cooling fans and pumps,
• To the battery charge output,
• Power outputs for pneumatic system compressors,
• The cabin must have HVAC power outputs.
Electric Outline Locomotive
The locomotive to be developed will be a Bo'-Bo 'type locomotive.
• Continuous regenerative power will be at least 5000 kW on locomotives. (According to UIC 614 O)
• The weight should be 86 ± 2.
• The starting force value must be at least 300 kN.
• The electrical brake force must be at least 150 kN.
• The maximum speed must be at least 160 km / h.
• It must comply with EN 50215 standard.
• The vital control algorithms and the components in which these algorithms work must be developed in accordance with the safe-failing logic and comply with EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 standards.
• The components to be developed in the above items and the components that TULOMSAS will produce and supply must be compatible.
Who Can Become Customer Organization (MK)?
The Presidency, the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the Prime Ministry and the Ministries. However, the main service units of these organizations cannot be MK.
Who Can Be Project Leader (PSC)?
Projects can be made by universities, public R & D units, private organizations or consortia formed by them.
Project Duration
The R & D period of the projects submitted under the 1007 Program is 48 maximum.
Call Budget
Budget upper limits are determined in the call process and vary according to the subject of call and scope.
Project Support Budget
Personnel (executive, researcher, consultant, scholar), machinery-equipment, consumables, service procurement and travel expenses are supported by 100%. Machinery-equipment requests of private institutions that can also be used for mass production are supported by a maximum of 40%. In addition, 10% of the institution's share and 20% of the project budget shall not exceed Information and Information. KazanContinuity of Operations Budget is given.

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