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1 with a wonderful kingsome holiday
1 with a wonderful kingsome holiday

Eastern Express journey: We dreamed of traveling with Eastern Express. Then we go where we go, where we can stay, what should we not go without doing what we went to this trip increased our excitement.
One day, we were watching Tuncel Kurtiz's film Inat Hikayeleri deriving from improvised stories and we had an idea about this: Going to the region where the film was filmed with the Eastern Express! In the film, the veteran artist who was in the Kars-Ardahan region in Çıldır was accompanied by local people, while they were traveling with a sled on the ice, Çıldır Lake, we were crushed inside, but at the same time we freaked out to experience this experience!

And then we took the paper and started the study with a fine look. How we go there, if we can go where we can, what we do not go without saying what we have to say the excitement for this trip increased. We wanted to share our knowledge and the route we have drawn ourselves. It may or may not be the same in Çıldır on a weekend ya

By train from everything you look very excited to actually travel from one end to the other to be held in Turkey us. Our first goal is to reach Kars by TCDD East Express. As people living in Istanbul, we need to go to Ankara to reach this expression. Because the Eastern Express moves from Ankara to Kars every day at 18: 00. Our estimated time of arrival to Kars is based on the information we received from TCDD site 25 hour.


But of course, the delayed 28 hours of this time heard the ears heard. Every beauty has a challenge, of course. It is worth to see the flowing winter landscape by changing outside the window on this train journey. In the train compartment, there are options for pulley, armchair and sleeping wagon. We prefer the sleeper. The fare charges of our journey are as follows: If there is only one person in the sleeping car, we will pay 103 TL, if two people stay 88 TL.

Let's come to the known subject um What to do? Where to see and what to eat? As we realize, the plans we take note of are as follows:

-Kars'ta Ordu Street will be reached by taking a walk in the center of the city. It is said that the buildings belonging to Russian architecture will meet us here. We find this tour useful for observing the city and its people.


- Ani Ruins, the other end of which will be visited in Armenia. This historical place, which is an Armenian heritage, will be useful to visit with a guide and learn its stories. The impression that even the photographs left us at the moment triggers our desire to leave. 7 century, thought to live here from the story of people from different beliefs of culture and perhaps we fall into our own film, we imagine that we pull.

  • Of course, the eye-catching beauty of a winter tale will go to Lake Çıldır! In this film we are talking about in the beginning of the magic of the lake is caught in the fish and fish are caught here and we can ask the local fishermen to teach us that. Then we reward ourselves with these delicious fish!


.Dear goose, hangel, Kars Ketesi, gagala, feselli… It is not known that the traditional flavors of the region are falling but which one comes to the order.

-Ports, hotels and teacher's house, one of the accommodation alternatives can be preferred for each budget can be preferred.

When we set up this dream, we took a limited amount of time as a weekend, so it was on our list of the most basic things that attracted us from a movie to this region. In this story, as Tuncel Kurtiz did, we can shoot an improvised film. Let's go back! If we think that our constitution will not be able to take a second long train journey for this short period, we can take a look at this view through the air. If we say that we return to Ankara by train from Kars to 07: 45'a hop on the train every day! Our own movie Kendi

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