Injured skier rescue operation with drone

Drone-injured skier rescue operation: Drones, which have become increasingly fashionable in recent years, are being banned in many countries due to the fact that unmanned aerial vehicles violate the privacy of private life by using it for other purposes. In Turkey, which must be recorded 'first ban came from the drone to Erzurum. Drones have once again made their name known for their wounded rescue operations.

Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) Teams affiliated to Kayseri Provincial Gendarmerie Command, which provides security and peace of Erciyes Ski Center, use drone to detect their injured skiers instantly. Thanks to the drone flying at the location indicated on the notice, the teams are provided with immediate information while providing the emergency transfer of the injured skiers.

Erciyes Ski Center is especially crowded on weekends. JAK teams provide security in the region. JAK teams intervene during the day as a result of accidents caused by skiers. Gendarmerie Search and Rescue teams, skiers experienced an immediate response to accidents, a large area of ​​the ski center to provide public order checks are followed by air. Drone-mediated follow-up allows the detection of injured skiers and faster initial intervention.

Gendarmerie, an injured skier is located on an airborne location detection. Then the teams are given the coordinates immediately intervened in the injured skier. The skier is put on the stretcher and immediately downloaded to the area where the ambulance is located. Then the wounded ambulance is taken to hospital.

This application of the Gendarmerie is appreciated by tourists coming to the ski resort. Citizens would like to thank the gendarmerie for the use of the aircraft and the appraisal of reaching the injured skier in order to provide public order on the large ski slopes.

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