Railways open for use by private operators

Railways will be opened to private operators: Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said: de After the signal and electrical works are finished, we will open the railways for private operators. They will be able to use this place for a certain price. Belirli
Lightning, the budget of the Ministry of Finance during the discussion of the MPs answered the questions of 2016.
Yıldırım stated that there are many different structures and examples in the world about the number and task of the ministries and that they are not the same in any country. But there are other situations. In Japan, public works, infrastructure, transportation, tourism serve as the only ministry. In Japan, 2 is a country with a population of millions. Japonya
Lightning pointed out that the ministry's duty field is wide, he continued:
Lazım There is an added bonus, you have to see him too. The coordination between the ministries and the sub-sectors is easier when it is in the same ministry. For example, Highways was not connected to our Ministry before, and was later connected. Once we've connected, we've seen it better. For example, when we decide on a railroad, infrastructure or maritime project, it's a harbor, a fishing shelter or a shipyard leri It's the background. In the background there will be railway, the road will be. Therefore, it needs to be planned simultaneously. When you have different ministries, you cannot provide this coordination very easily. Unfortunately, there is a negative effect on the evaluation and time differences in the projects. Adaki
- master We started a logistics master plan preparation “
To improve the transport efficiency of combined transport business in emerging economies, emphasizing that it is of vital importance for the Lightning to reduce costs, he pointed out that Turkey had not formally been appointed as a ministerial logistics infrastructure in general.
Underlining that the new concept of logistics in Turkey Lightning, "but a decision taken was accepted as a pilot ministries Ministry about it and do the necessary coordination with other relevant ministries," he said.
First of all, they emphasize that they have started a logistics master plan preparation. Vurgu However, there are ongoing projects. There are no more designated projects. Taking these into account, we will carry out these master plan studies Bunlar.
Yildirim said that the infrastructure of the Çandarli port was completed to a great extent, and once the tender was done with the build-operate-transfer model for the superstructure, but the conditions were not attractive for operators. Yildirim said, dı Then came out again and didn't come again. We're about to complete our preparations now. Again, we are reviewing the terms in order not to experience the same situation. Tekrar
Stating that risks in public-private partnership should be shared fairly, Yıldırım said, işlet The public and the operator will receive their own burden and will pay for the financing they have put. When making these decisions, it is necessary to make a decision by considering the expectations of both parties. Only the public interest in the forefront of keeping the project in the forefront is no longer applicable, çok he said.
“We had to accomplish more“
Yildirim, freight transport on railways found the following assessment:
Ik There was progress, but we had to do more. We have to say that our paths are not ready for a healthy business. 50 is improving roads before maintenance-free roads, more than years. That's why we're stopping traffic. This is the reason why a little bit of transportation has increased. So far, we've renewed a thousand kilometers of 9 a thousand kilometers, the 3 is a thousand kilometers. We will complete them in the next two years. After the signal and electrical work has been completed, we will open the railways to private operators after this year, they will be able to use it for a certain price. I can say that the use of the tier-rail railway infrastructure will increase considerably in the coming years. Kad
- "Turkey's main axes, we have become divided highway"
Yıldırım noted that the difference between the start-up allowance on highways and the year-end realization is a common condition. Yaşan This difference is met in the budgets that cannot be used in other ministerial units. If this also does not come from other institutions, increasing amounts of this amount is collected in this way, "he said.
“Why are we working with such a method on highways? Bir said Yıldırım. When we make a comparison between this and the needs, we will spread these paths, needs 30 next year, we will do it in that time or shorten the time with such a method. If we made the way without opening the allowance, the maximum amount of roads that we will do during this time would be 6 a thousand kilometers. 18 thousand 300 kilometers, but the road has made way, 'he said
Lightning striking Turkey they make their way to split the main axis, which is not any different thoughts, the country's infrastructure and further noted that a study conducted by thoughts should develop in a short time.
Yildirim said about the establishment of an integrated transport system, which is mainly based on the railway:
Bu We are trying to correct the 50, 60 wrong of the year, this is the essence. At the rate we want? Here in the passenger 94'dan 88'e regressed, the load of the 2, 3 points further fell back. Our target is to regress to 80s, 78s. We need to load more on railways from now on. Although we have completed the projects on the highways, we need to load more on the railways. Rail-highway, railway-seaway, road-airline, railway-airline are also working on a mainframe within the framework of this project.-

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