China completes first train to Iran

China's first train to Iran is completed: the first train of the new railway line between China and Iran is expected to reach the last stop in Tehran for a few days by over a thousand kilometers of 10
The new freight route between China-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan and Iran is on its way to Iran, the last stop from Turkmenistan.
According to the news received from the Russian RIA Novosti agency, the train service was the first test to start regular service on the new railway line route.
In order to reach Iran, the train departed from the Zhejiang province of China at the end of January and reached the 9 thousand 7 kilometers in the 908 kilometer and reached the Serhetyaka (Border) region of Turkmenistan.
One thousand 156 kilometers of the new railway line starts in Serhetyaka (Border) and ends at Sarahs station on the Turkmen-Iran border. According to experts, the train will reach Tehran, the capital of Iran, after a few days.
The total length of the China-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran train line is about 10 thousand kilometers. Freight trains are expected to pass this distance in about two weeks. This means that the transportation of goods is done by 25-30 days fast.

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