Tens of thousands of passengers trapped in the train station in China (Video)

In China, tens of thousands of passengers were stranded at the train station: more than a thousand passengers were stranded at the train station in Guangcou because of the cancellation of trains due to adverse weather conditions in China. Tens of thousands of Chinese were preparing to travel for New Year holidays.
According to the Shinhua agency, due to unfavorable weather conditions, the 24 has stopped at the Guangcou train station, and more than a thousand passengers were victims of the 50.
Authorities, the train station to avoid the confluence of passengers who were stranded evacuated. The station is expected to travel more than a thousand passengers today 175.
Due to the Chinese New Year, the 40 daily holiday began in the country where airplanes, buses and trains are experiencing intensities. During the New Year holiday, which leads to the biggest internal tourism movement in the world, people close to 3 billion are expected to travel within the country.
According to the animal calendar in the country, 8 will begin the UM Monkey Year “in February.

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