Wondering the new route of Kanal Istanbul

Channel Istanbul's new route is curious: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last year with the relevant ministries and institutions in the meeting "speed up" in the direction of the channel will be changed the channel will be changed in Istanbul, all eyes turned into new details of the project.
The statements of Kanal İstanbul, which is one of the crazy projects of the government and which has changed its rhetoric, has started a new discussion.
It was learned that the experts mentioned the geological, environmental and archaeological concerns about the current route of the project, and therefore, the ministries started to work on the new route. Expropriation costs of the project is claimed to be effective in the change of routes.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last year with the relevant ministries and institutions in the meeting "speed up" the channel that will be changed the channel's direction of Istanbul announced that all eyes were translated into new details of the project.
The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and Ministry of Environment and Urbanization experts made a decision to change the position of the project upon the negative opinion of the current route. According to experts' report, the current route of Kanal Istanbul was not suitable for archaeological, geological, environmental and transport impacts.
No official statement has been made about the route of the project until today, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will create a new route after the preparation of the new infrastructure in the coming days.
The Ministry of Transport, after these studies, learned about the environmental impact of the crazy project from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, SIT areas in the region, population planning in the new city and urban transformation. It was learned that the Ministry of Environment was not asked for information on the issue, but the two ministries were given a belirlen positive çılgın opinion on the route of the crazy project.
According to the study, the tender is planned to be launched by the end of the 2016 year. Channel Istanbul's current route due to the expropriation costs due to problems in the current route is among the claims to be abandoned.
Baran Bozoğlu, President of the Center for Environmental Problems Research Center of TMMOB announced that the environmental sensitivity of Marmara and Black Sea would be affected negatively. Dü Kanal Istanbul is an artificial disaster in its own right, “Bozoglu said.
“You are creating a brand new island there. You're destroying a very large terrestrial area. Within this, it is not possible to prevent the environmental impact of such issues as the condition of the groundwater, changes in the structure of the marine ecosystem, the status of the lakes that feed the city. Because a brand new artificial channel is being created. The project will mean that the water flow in the Black Sea will continue rapidly to Marmara. Since 2011, land prices have increased in places where the project is claimed to pass. This was reflected in the expropriation costs. Below the route change, there are economic concerns that are not environmental to us. Güz
The new city to be built around the project was prepared according to the population of 1 million 200 thousand. However, after the studies, it was decided that the population of the new city should be taken down and 500 will be planned according to a thousand people on the grounds that göre the population is very concentrated Ancak. Before the change of the route, the new city was planned to be built on either side of the Canal Istanbul in the form of 250 + 250 bin or 300 + 200 bin.
If Kanal Istanbul comes to life, the new city will be built around the reinforcement areas, conference halls, tourism centers and parks. It is estimated that the Canal Istanbul project, which is expected to be between Küçükçekmece and Arnavutköy, could cost 10 billion dollars.
Canal Istanbul is expected to be 25 meters deep and 150 meters wide, while at least 8 and 11 bridge will be built on the channel. According to the announcements, Channel Istanbul will be constructed as a truncated alt V ”. The depth of the channel is planned to be 20 meters.

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