New Trams Coming to Setif, Algeria

Setif Tram Project
Setif Tram Project

New Trams Coming to Setif, Algeria: 26 Citadis low-floor trams will be produced to be used in the transportation network of Setif, Algeria. Founded in 2010 by Alstom, Ferrovial and Algeria Metro Company, the CITAL group will produce trams. Alstom has a share of 49%, Ferrovial 41% and Algiers Metro Company 10% in the formed consortium.

Alstom, which has 85 million euros of the contract, will have a large share in the Citadis trams to be produced. The trams will be assembled at the CITAL group's factory in Annaba, east of Algeria. CITAL's factory in Annaba is 46400 square meters in size and has the capacity to install 5 trams every month.

The Citadis trams to be produced will be in service at certain locations of the city of Setif in 2018. The Citadis trams have a length of 44 meters and a width of 2,6 meters. The passenger capacity of the trams, which are designed as two-way, will be 302.

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