Çandarlı and Nemrut ports were discussed

Çandarlı and Nemrut ports were put on the table: Çandarlı and Nemrut ports were discussed at the meeting held in Aliağa district of İZMİR.
Undersecretary of Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications (UDHB) Under the presidency of Özkan Poyraz; Çandarlı and Nemrut Bay Harbor Transportation Modes Realization of Motorway and Railway Connections meeting was held in Aliağa. Aliağa Chamber of Commerce Chairman Adnan Saka, Izmir Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce (DTO) Chairman of the Board Yusuf Öztürk, Petkim General Manager Saadettin Korkut, Tüpraş Izmir Refinery Manager Bekir Yumuk, Aliağa and the ministry officials attended the meeting.
Adnan Saka, who demanded that these meetings be held with local governments at certain intervals, emphasized that the freight shipment of the ports in Aliağa must be actively used by the railway. Saka said, “Currently, almost all of the freight entry and exit is done by road. The highway is not capable of handling this intensity. The Nemrut Ports area should be planned and the service areas, the railways and highways leading to the port should be made in accordance with international standards. It is not possible in the long term to solve this business by road alone. Absolutely, but absolutely, the shipment of the cargo here must also be done by the railway line. A railway is a must in such a large port area. "The completion of this project is extremely important for Aliağa's economy."
Another problem of the region is the highway problem, Saka says that the daily average 4 bin 500 and 5 bin in the Aliaga Ports Area highway network is included in the heavy traffic. he said. Saka, the Aliağa-Izmir ring road to be completed as soon as possible to connect to the ports wanted to ensure the connection.



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