Greater Quality in Public Transportation in the Districts of Bursan

Greater Quality of Public Transportation in the Districts of Bursanin: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in the district of Mustafakemalpaşa, the new operator of the 79 Nolu Carriers Cooperative, which is the sub-operator of Burulaş, has started to serve 33 buses and minibuses.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which allocates close to the 70 of the investment budget to transportation projects and makes big investments in the transportation of air, sea, land and rail system, on the other hand, started to work towards directing the public to the public transportation in the districts which are newly connected to the center as in the city center. In this context, Burulaş played an active role in the transportation between the districts and Bursa. Mustafakemalpaşa 79 Carrier Cooperative, which is the sub-operator of Burulaş which has completed the infrastructure related with the integrated card system, has completely renewed the vehicles in the average age of 6 despite the fact that it is in compliance with the existing contract. 33 private public bus and minibus purchased by the cooperative from Karsan company were put into service with a ceremony in Adnan Menderes Square. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Sadi Kurtulan, Mustafakemalpaşa Governor Mustafa Masatlı and Karsan Marketing General Manager Varçın Kitapçı attended the opening ceremony which brought Mustafakemalpaşa to the state with the youngest public transport fleet.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, said that the most important problems of urban transport in the city, said that Mustafakemalpaşa'da of Turkey's youngest fleet with newly purchased vehicles. The quality of the Metropolitan Municipality, Burulaş'in vision of the integrated ticket system in Mustafakemalpaşa the vehicles used in European capitals in the same brand and model of the tools emphasized President Altepe, thus the highest quality service reached the district, he said. President Altepe, who noted that their main objective is to raise the quality of life of the people to higher levels. The share we receive from 10 county as our Metropolitan is around 120 million pounds. However, the only investment we made in 10 districts has exceeded 170 million. We have spent 12 million TL on road investments in Mustafakemalpaşa. Investments from infrastructure to social facilities, from historical heritage to transportation, continue uninterruptedly. I would also like to thank the Carriers Cooperative who contributed to the improvement of the quality of life in the district. The new vehicles get better for our people. Yeni
Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Sadi Kurtulan stating that institutionalization is one of the most important requirements of the age, celebrating the management of Carriers Cooperative which has taken an important step in this regard. He underlined that the vehicles taken into service are of world quality. Ors Today, if we compete with the world in every field from transportation to production, it is Bursa, it is Metropolitan Municipality. The long-awaited terminal work continues. Our youth center, 3. we continue our projects such as bridges and social facilities with the support of Metropolitan Municipality. I hope 2016 will be the year for us. I would like to thank our Mayor for his contributions to our district İl.
Mustafa Masatlı, the Governor of Mustafakemalpasa stated that he believed that the right, healthy and high quality transportation is an indispensable element of the modern cities and that he believed that the new vehicles would meet the transportation needs of the people at the highest level.
Varol Uregen, Chairman of the Carriers Cooperative of 79, stated that they have been operating in the transportation sector for 30 years and that they turned the whole city law into an opportunity, and added, ulaşım With a great compromise, we added our coach shopkeepers. First we have prepared the infrastructure of the integrated card system. Even though the average age was 6, we renewed all our vehicles with an investment of 5,5 million pounds. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor, Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor and Burulaş administration who are always with us in this process. Bu
General Manager of Karsan Marketing Varçın Kitapçı 1200. Stating that the celebration of the year, the European brands of the same brands, models and standards of the market wished to be beneficial to the people of the district.
After the speeches, General Manager of Karsan Marketing Varçın Kitapçı gave a plaque to Mayor Altepe and protocol members in his memory. Serving the vehicles by cutting the opening ribbon President Altepe and the members of the protocol later examined the buses they entered into.

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