The motives of the English snow performer fascinates

The motifs of the English snow artist fascinate those who see it: British snow artist Simon Beck's work on the snow near the ski resort in Nordfjord, Norway, fascinates those who see it.

Flash Studio, which designed four short film projects for the promotion of the city of Nordfjord, invited four artists to the city of Nordfjord and asked them to create a work of art inspired by the city. Project Director Sindre Kinneröd said that while filming the work of world-renowned snow artist Simon Beck, one of these artists, a passenger plane pilot, who could not believe in the beauty of the work, returned and took a tour on the work and continued on his way again.

The British artist, who was looking for inspiration for his work by wandering around the city, managed to realize his incredibly beautiful and yet difficult work by walking on the snow for 12 hours in an area near the ski center. According to Dha's report, British snow artist Simon Beck used only snowshoes on his feet, a compass in his hand and his memory while performing his work of 200 meters in diameter.

Here are those works without forgetting the main artist who created the snowflakes and turned the winter into a white painting.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:37

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