Belarusian Rail to Buy Train from Polish Company Pesa

Belarusian Railways Buys Train from Polish Company Pesa: Belarus Railways has signed a new agreement with Polish train manufacturer Pojadzy Szynowe Pesa Bydgoszcz (PESA). According to the agreement, Pesa will produce 4 730 M diesel trains for Belarusian Railways. The trains to be produced will be delivered within this year. The agreement also included an article that allows 4 more train orders if deemed necessary. These trains will be delivered in 2017.
Polish company Pesa had already produced 2014 3 M diesel trains for the Belarusian Railways in 730. The trains with low-floor 3'er wagon can reach 140 km / h. Trains are still being used in Minsk-Vilnius line.



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