Metro and suburban flights stopped in Barcelona

Metro and suburban flights stopped in Barcelona: the old train station near the garbage bins of the fire into the tunnel when the smoke and suburban train stops were stopped.
The fire in the rubbish bins near an old railway station in the city of Barcelona in the east of Spain stopped the city's subway and commuter train flights.
It was reported that 210 as well as suburban and subway flights were stopped and 72 thousand people were affected by the smoke generated by the fire in the garbage bins between Arc de Triomf and Clot-Arago train stations.
It was stated that intensive work was carried out for the evacuation of smoke in the tunnel, and the trains had empty air circulation.
Felix Martin, the director of suburban trains in Catalonia, told reporters that the fire denied allegations of sabotage. Martin said the fire was extinguished, but the train was not expected to return to normal by local time before 16.30.

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