Torbalı İZBAN to Izmir

Intense interest from bagged izban inhabit: within Turkey's largest city commuter system was flooded izban the 30-kilometer line of bagged citizens. President Görmez stating that there is a high demand, bin People come to Torbalı by means of the surrounding districts, they ride to İZBAN and go to İzmir u.
IZBAN, Torbalı direction of the 6 station began to travel more passengers in Izmir took a sigh of relief. The interest in the Torbalı line, which raises IZBAN from 80 to 112 kilometers and the number of stations from 32 to 38, has been very interesting. The system which increases the integration of the transfer in the rail system in the public transportation system, has also increased the number of passengers using the suburban system in İzmir.
With the İZBAN station opened, Torbalı will become a metropolitan district and Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez said that they are grateful to the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality and the people who contributed to the project. “İZBAN project is a very important project that will relax Torbalı in terms of traffic, economic and life. It is really central to Torbalı and will make the metropolitan district 30 miles long and it is invaluable for us.
President Görmez said that he received great attention with the commencement of the passenger voyages of İZBAN and said, baş The citizens of İZBAN are very busy. Torbalı was indeed a metropolitan district. From Ödemiş to Tire, to Selçuk, all our citizens come to Torbalı with their own vehicles to travel to İzmir and they are going to Izmir by using İZBAN line. There is a very heavy demand. The joys of people are being read in your eyes. We are all happy Hep.
Torbalı'nın generally pointed out that the promotion of the city of agriculture and industry President Görmez, gave the gospel to the people of Izmir. Ar Our district has a very fast population growth, 600 industrial area where there are factories, where there are factories, 400 thousand decares have natural landscapes and beautiful villages. While introducing Torbalı, we have introduced as a city of agriculture and industry so far. But now we have tourism. Metropolis was taken by our Ministry within the scope of the ruins, and very soon there will be touristic tours. I also want to give this good news to all the people of İzmir and Turkey, "he said.
Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu enthusiastically expected to open the 22 kilometer Fetrek River Sultans Valley project will be opened in the coming years President of the President Görmez, both Izmir and the surrounding cities will come and see a flock of citizens would create a recreation area voiced.
Noting that they have fulfilled everything they promised to Torbalı, Görez continued his words as follows: “We start by dreaming. Fetrek Stream Sultanlar Valley was my dream. to Torbali kazanOur 250-bed state hospital project, which we are working on, was also a dream of mine. Now we started to dream a new dream. A university in Torbalı kazanwe want to climb. First we dream, we convey it to our elders. We do it over time. Torbalı deserves these big investments with its rapid development.”

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