3 Revision to Eurasia Tunnel Reconstruction Plan

3.Revision in the Eurasian Tunnel Zoning Plan: 3 in the Eurasia Tunnel. revision was made at the request of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.
The Eurasia Tunnel Project, which was built as a sister to Marmaray in Istanbul, turned into a jigsaw puzzle. This time the change was made at the request of the Ministry of Environment Bu
The second revision plan of the Eurasia Tunnel Project in the Zeytinburnu and Fatih districts, 2015 came to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in May. The revision was sent to the Directorate of Cultural Heritage Conservation Regional Board of Istanbul 4 for evaluation. While the plan change was still in the board evaluation, a new revision was made in the project.
Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for the third revision of the parliamentary decision and the views of the IBB asked the institution. Revision of the Eurasia Tunnel Project 12 came up at the İBB meeting in February. The plan of the ministry stated that the expropriation was kept to a minimum on the European side and the project was extended to the southern areas where private ownership was not available, so the area grew.
On the Asian side, it was noted that the construction approach distance was changed to the underground tunnels and the intersection designs were expanded due to the repositioning of the Üsküdar Junction technical equipment buildings where toll stations would be located. In the planning, it was stated that the main elements of the project were adhered to and the flexibility was brought to the lower or upper crossing intersections which could change according to the conditions during the implementation phase.
For the eli Area with Final Construction Prohibited Area ”function within the boundaries of the route of Kadıköy Olan However, technical, administrative and so on related to the Bosphorus Transit Tunnel. The structures associated with the use of the tunnel are beyond this restriction ar grade added. The parking lot was taken to the religious facility area, the park administrative facility area and the administrative facility area to the secondary school area.
The Zoning and Public Works Commission found the revisions appropriate and submitted it to the parliament's approval. The change was adopted by the opposition of the CHP group.
CHP Council Member Esin Hacıalioğlu said,, The Eurasia Tunnel Project is completely wrong. It's constantly being revised. Bakırköy, Zeytinburnu people's connection to the coast is completely disconnected. Why don't you take these roads under ground? Zemin he asked.
The Eurasia Tunnel, which will connect Asia and Europe with the highway tunnel, began in 2014.
The cost of the project planned to end at 2017 is about 1.3 billion dollars. Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe between the 15 minutes to reduce the cost of the car pass through the tunnel in one direction is planned to be 4 dollars for cars excluding VAT. The total pass length is 14.6 km and the tunnel section will be 5.4 km.
There was a flood risk warning!
According to the request of the Ministry of Earthquake and Ground Inspection report from institutions reporting their views; Some sections of the route reported liquefaction, floods, artificial fillings, dangers, and heavy engineering measures. The plan proposed by the Ministry; 2011 dated historical urban archaeological history of burnout, 1st degree archaeological site conservation master plan for conservation, 2006 announced at 2. The Group Renovation is located within the borders of Alam and partly in the kısmen World Heritage Site.

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