Kanal Istanbul puzzle in Arnavutköy

Kanal Istanbul puzzle in Arnavutköy: The explanation that the route of Kanal Istanbul could change affected the land prices in Arnavutköy.
The talk of various projects, the announcement that the route of Kanal Istanbul could change, although the prices in Istanbul Arnavutköy increased, caused confusion in the selection of the land in Arnavutköy. After the announcement, while the land prices in some regions were expected to decrease, some regions came to the fore.
Square meter prices increased by 23
Arnavutköy, which became a land area of ​​Istanbul with the merger of 7 town municipalities and villages years ago, has been brought to the agenda again with the talk of the construction of the 3rd Airport, 3rd Bridge connection roads, Channel Istanbul and Health City projects in the last few years and the interest in the lands. While these important projects have increased the average square meter price of the houses for sale in the district by 1 percent in the last 23 year to 1.840 TL, one of the most important developments expected to affect the land sales was the announcement that the route of the Channel Istanbul project may change.
Land areas previously near the canal route are waiting for the route to become clearer nowadays. It is also discussed that the land prices may decrease in some regions. On the other hand, 'zoned lands' in the district continue to be an alternative potential.
'The election environment lowered prices'
Candaroğlu Real Estate Consultancy Specialist in the region Erdem Candaroğlu, Arnavutköy, 5 100 2014 4 in the last 2015 in the last years of the 50 increase in the number of land prices, but due to the election and war agenda in the 100 150-400 pounds decreased in the square meter values ​​are noted. Candaroğlu stated that the route of Kanal Istanbul will change in the recent days and this result can be explained Candaroğlu said, kayd The price of square meter in Arnavutköy today in fields where the fields start is XNUMX. We do not know what will happen to Channel Istanbul. However, now the possibility of changing the route may reduce the prices here, Ancak he said.
Which regions stand out?
Candaroğlu pointed out that this year the land will gain importance in the district and continued as follows:
Acak Haraççı, Boğazköy and Taşoluk will be attractive. İmrahor, which is planned to be built this year, will receive great demand in this context. At present, land prices are starting from 800 pounds per square meter, 15 is rising up to a thousand pounds. The average square meter price in this region is in the range of 1200-1400 lira. Fiyat
TOKİ and KİPTAŞ projects
E-2019 Highway - TEM highway - Arnavutköy Center construction, which is planned to be completed by 5 in Arnavutköy, and the metro line in the direction of the Third Airport are the two most important projects in this context. Keller Williams Country Director Emre Erol stated that Arnavutköy gained importance as the living area in Istanbul expanded from the center to the north, and said that there were purchases for investment purposes rather than residence purposes. Stating that the housing projects in the region are mostly mass housing projects rather than private sector projects, Erol said, “It seems possible to own a house in the district with prices starting from 2 thousand TL. Within the scope of social housing projects, TOKI and KİPTAŞ have real estate projects ”.
'It is very difficult to determine prices from today'
Erol, who has become a place where rent-related sales are also made today, said investors in Arnavutköy should get support from a professional who is dominating the region. Erol said, satış It is very difficult to determine the real value of the land especially in land investments. A more profitable investment can be made with the support received at this point. Bu
Specialist Land Office, which offers land options for sale in Arnavutköy and its vicinity, drew attention with its campaign which will last until March's 15. The company, which offers investors a price advantage below 100 thousand TL, delivers the fee to the buyer in case of any return for whatever reason.

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