When A Tramway In Antalya Was Forgotten, A Lane Of The Junction That Was Built Two Months ago Dismantled

When the Tramway Road was Forgotten in Antalya, A Lane of the Junction of Two Months Before Dismantled: When the crossing of the tramway at the entrance of Aksu district to serve the EXPO 2016 in Antalya, which started in April, was lost, a strip of the 2 lane road at the crossroad which was put into service at 3 months ago was removed. .
When the crossing of the tramway at the entrance of Aksu district to the service of EXPO 2016 which will start in April in Antalya was forgotten, a strip of 2 lane road at 3 lane was opened. failure of Turkey in the 18 kilometers long, the most expensive rail project "comedy" that qualifies as Antalya Chamber of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Chairman Cem Oguz, narrowing the road drew attention to after experiencing more accidents.
After the scandal in the second stage project of the Antalya Rail System, which was auctioned by 9 on September 2015 by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, work started at the crossroad junction in Aksu district. Three-lane bridged junction of the right-handed lane was abandoned and was divided into tram passes. Due to the road works at the Aksu bridge junction and the stripe drop works, the 5 car tail began to form.
Cem Oğuz, the President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, said that there is no such thing in such a ludicrous and comedy, şey When we first brought the issue up, we did not receive any explanation. Then the Regional Director of Highways made a statement. He said the 3 lane on the bridge would drop the 2 lane. If you are going to drop this place on the 2 lane, why have you made the overpass? Bur
Oğuz, which reminded that the interchanges were designed to relieve traffic and prevent accidents, said that if the 3 lane of the road was 2 lane, there might be more accidents in the region. Car drivers on the divided road will come by speeding, but at one time the road will shrink the two lane transfer Oguz, ini There will also be a lot of vehicle tail here. However, they could solve this before the tender. The Ministry of Transport is doing the rail system. The overpass is making the Roads. I interpret it as coordinating. If you drop the split path from the 3 lane to the 2 lane, you cannot avoid accidents. Böl
After crossing the Aksu bridge, the tram will go to the right and there is also wondered how they will establish a system that stated that Oguz, the highway will come directly from the rail system suggested that vehicles. Oguz said that the biggest problem will be experienced here, said: sözler There is a pedestrian overpass, there is a problem in his feet. They're going to go through a change. Where will they put the stop here. Will it be outside the station? Will people walk out of Aksu? After crossing the overpass, there will also be a level crossing problem. Üst
The tender for the 18 kilometer-long tramway connecting the EXPO area in the district of Antalya Square to the Aksu district was concluded at 9 September 2015. Instead of 249 million 857 thousand TL, which was announced as the price of the tender which was attended by seven companies, Makyol Construction won the 10 million TL surplus of 259 million TL. 498 kilometers of the project cost 1 million pounds, this figure 14.4 million kilometers long Izmir 22,3 million, the same length of 8.1 million in the Eskişehir line, 4.1 million in the 13 million line in the 6.4 million, 16,5 kilometers in the Kayseri line was calculated as 4.3 million pounds.

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