No driverless metro to the Anatolian side

Anatolian side comes to the driverless metro: In Istanbul, scheduled to enter service at the end of the year Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe line, Turkey's first "driverless" will be underground.
It will be the second subway of the Anatolian side and even the first door system will be used for the first time.
According to the information received from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the new metro line that will facilitate public transportation on the Anatolian Side, will go down to Üsküdar-Sancaktepe 24.
The line will consist of 20 km and 16 station and 2 bin 750 meter tunnel connected to the warehouse and warehouse. Even the 126 wagon will serve.
24 bin 2 staff works in the subway construction where 430 clock works without interruption. At the moment the station is covering the ceiling and side walls with electromechanical systems.
Upon completion of Üsküdar-Çekmeköy line, an important axis of the main transportation network of the Anatolian Side will be completed. Turkey's first "driverless" remarkable feature is the metro line Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe line, it will enter service at the end of the year.
At the same time, it will be the second subway of the Anatolian Side and even the met bay door ası system will be implemented for the first time. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will also change the boarding system with new metro lines and place hat bay doors agon on wagon entrances for the safety of citizens.
With the automatic system to park itself in the subway, there will be no driver cabins, so passengers will be able to travel by watching the tunnels in front.
Against the usual situations in the wagons, the station management will monitor the inside of the wagons with cameras.
The new metro line, which will be more comfortable than even the world's largest metro stations like Paris and New York, will be able to use the metro station alone without any help.
The metro line which will pass through the three districts will include the 16 station, including Üsküdar, Fıstıkağacı, Bağlarbaşı, Altunizade, Kısıklı, Libadiye, Çarşı, Ümraniye, İnkılap District, Çakmak, Ihlamurkuyu, Altınşehir, Lise, Dudullu, Mass Housing, Çekmeköy and Sancaktepe. .
With the completion of the line that will fill an important place in the city's transportation, we will take Üsküdar 24, Kartal 59, Yenikapı 36, Taksim 44, Hacıosman 68, airport 68 and Olympic Stadium 78 minutes from Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe.

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