Meteorology Station is set up in Suleymaniye Ski Center

A Meteorological Station is set up in the Suleymaniye Ski Center: Provincial Special Administration teams carried out a week-long snow fight for the meteorological station to be built at the ski center which is planned to be built right next to the historical settlement of Gümüşhane.

Turkey and 8-kilometer plateau towards places 5 meters to find the team that led almost cardan tunnel due to the thickness of snow leading to the facility is planned to be one of the world's leading ski resorts road work in the holidays was opened a week transportation.

Provincial Directorate of Meteorology with the support of the Directorate of Meteorology will bring the meteorological meteorological measurement device until the region to open the road from the roads Yaydemir and the four-way highways, 2 bin 230 meter altitude reached the peak.

Following the work carried out with two separate machines and the road due to excessive snow and mud, the road has been made accessible by land-type vehicles Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Ekrem Akdoğan, as the institution according to the tasks given by the law numbered 5302 and Governor Yücel Yavuz said they have increased the variety of services.

Akdoğan stated that they carried out the duties and instructions given to them in the Süleymaniye Ski Center together with a team formed in the Special Administration. In this context, we created our teams in this context and we have made serious snow-fighting work until the station where the station will be established from Yaydemir and Dörtkonak highland roads. The road is accessible to all terrain vehicles. Within a few days, the team from Trabzon will set up the station. Birkaç

Akdoğan, a team of experts working in the Special Provincial Administration of Kayseri in the past weeks by going to the province of Erciyes in the mountain and the inspection of the facilities found in the ski resort on the invitation of the Governor Yücel Yavuz soon to come to Gümüşhane and the Suleymaniye Ski Center will also examine the words added.