What awaits İZBAN and Torbalı

What awaits İZBAN and Torbalı: A surprise proposal came from Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez regarding the stadium projects that were stopped as a result of the objection of İzmir's Metropolitan Municipality. Görmez said, “We have a 30 decare land close to İZBAN. I'm ready to allocate this place. Let's do it to the stadium Torbalı, he said.
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We had a meeting with the Sports Provincial Directorate about the stadiums. I have 30 acres in Torbalı. Moreover, it is close to İZBAN. Let me allocate them. Torbalı is the best place for this job. We have great advantages such as environment, highway, and İZBAN.
What awaits İZBAN and Torbalı?
Bagged will change a lot. İZBAN line will be extended to Selçuk. İZBAN's going to Aydın and Antalya is also on the agenda. After İZBAN, people flock to the villages to see İzmir. There are those who see Izmir for the first time. That's why İZBAN is very important. Bagged, most taxpayers 3rd place in Turkey. We are the ones who should shout the most in Izmir. Torbalı is the place with the highest tax collection rate with 99 percent. İZBAN will play an important role in the growth of the district economy.
Blessing-burden balance. İZBAN is a great blessing, the burden of this is to split Torbalı. After 20 years, we can move that line 2 kilometers further and make it parallel to the otab.
Real estate is very precious in Torbalı. The construction industry is developing rapidly. In terms of the real estate sector, the handbrake in the past was like a pulled car. After I took office, I paved the way for contractors. I said come on, get money. This summit was held with İZBAN. There are those who sell their fields when they get stuck in our villages. I say don't sell to them. Beet, for example, will be a second Ayrancılar. On the other hand, there is a very rapid population growth. There is an increase of 10-15 thousand per year. We are now 156 thousand 800 people. 50 thousand workers also work in the industrial zone and come and go to Torbalı. Torbalı started to receive immigration from Izmir.



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