9 Separate Metro Lines Promised by IMM Postponed for 11 Years in Total

9 Different Metro Lines Promised by IMM Delayed for 11 Years in Total: IMM promised many subways in the 2014 local elections, delaying 9 separate lines for a total of 11 years. The plan to open in 2019, where three elections will be held, will be remarkable.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is still carrying out metro and rail carriage commitments prepared for the local selection of 2014. In the video, however, it seems that the IMM cannot handle most of the promises made to the public. Whether or not the promises in the video reflect the truth
Kartal-Kaynarca Metro: KadıköyIt is said that the project to extend the metro to Kaynarca by adding 4 stops to the M3 line between Kartal and Kartal will be completed in 2015. However, this 4.5-kilometer line is still not complete. The latest statements from the municipality contain the attempt to finish the subway in 2016.
Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe Metro: The 2012-coded metro line at 5 was promised to be opened at 2015. It is not clear when the subway line is planned to have an 20 stop over the 16 kilometer. Uskudar Mayor Hilmi Turkmen, said four months ago, the last quarter of the line 2016 was trying to grow up.
Mecidiyeköy-Zincirlikuyu-Altunizade-Camlica Cable Car: This is the mosque project, which was started to be built in Camlica by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and will be completed in 2015. This project, which was criticized by experts because it would be exposed to strong winds as it passed through the Bosphorus, would have a total length of 10. But the construction of the cable car has not even begun. In the recent statements on the subject, it was said that the construction could start at 2016.
Gebze-Halkalı Suburban Metro: The suburban line carrying hundreds of thousands of people was shut down in 2013 every day in Istanbul and the 2 was announced to be opened as i superficial metro ce in the year. Due to the delays in the future, IMM said in the 2014 that 2016 was the opening date of the surface metron. However, this promise of IMM was not realized. The closure of the suburb, which is one of the most important routes of Istanbul, has increased the traffic density with its length of 63 kilometers. The surface metron is expected to open after 2017, without waiting a nail for more than a year.
Bakırköy İDO-Bağcılar Kirazlı Metro: The opening of this line of 2017 kilometers promised to be opened in 9 by IMM will not be possible before 2018 according to istanbulunmetrosu.com site of İBB.
Bakirkoy-TUYAP Metro: The 2017 km line of 25, which is supposed to be opened in 2, has already been postponed for at least XNUMX year.
Sabiha Gökçen - Kaynarca Metro: This 2017-kilometer line, which is said to open in 9, was announced to be postponed to 2018.
Kaynarca-Tuzla Shipyard Metro: The line that is planned to be opened in 3 kilometers and promised to be opened in 2017, has already been postponed for at least 2 years.
Çekmeköy-Taşdelen Metro: This line, which was announced as 2018 by IMM, is also postponed to 2019.
When we examine these promises of İBB only two years ago, we can see that the promised 9 separate line is postponed to a minimum of 11 years. Following the postponements 2016 4, 2017 2 2018 4 2019 announcing plans to open a separate line, 10 promises to open a separate 2019 separate line. XNUMX also attracts attention as the year in which both local, general and presidential elections will be held.

Source: ONUR EREM - http://www.birgun.net

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  1. The promised three-storey tunnel and the 3 airport subway didn't end ten years ago.