Nishi-Nippon Railway Company Ordered New Electric Trains in Japan

Nishi-Nippon Railway Company in Japan Orders New Electric Trains: 18 electric trains were ordered for use on the Tenjin Omuta line between Fukuoka and Omuta, which is managed by the Nishi-Nippon Railway Company in Japan. The 18 series electric trains, 9000 of which will be produced by Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI), will be delivered in March 2017.
78 series trains to be used in the 9000 km long Tenjin Omuta line will be replaced by 5000 series trains that are still in use. The trains will be produced by Kawasaki Heavy Industries at the Hyogo plant in Kobe. Some parts of the trains such as induction motor, ventilation systems and electrical systems will be produced by Toshiba.

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