Natural Gas Main Pipe Exploded in Tram Line Work in Kocaeli

Natural Gas Main Pipe Explodes in Tramway Line Work in Kocaeli: During the works for the superstructure of the main line of the Akçaray tram project, which will serve between Sekapark-Bus Station, which was implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the natural gas main pipeline exploded.
The explosion of the line caused fear, and not burning the gas prevented a great danger. The superstructure excavation started in Yahya Kaptan Salkım Söğüt and Hanlı Sokak some time ago, after the infrastructure displacement of the 7,2 km long tram line between Sekapark and Otogar has been completed.
Ground improvement works will be carried out along the excavated line and the ground filled with gradated material will be filled. Following these works, rail laying will begin on the route. During today's work on Hanlı Sokak, the natural gas main pipeline exploded.
İZGAZ and the fire brigade were informed to cut the gas, which made great sound and odor. IZGAZ team from the scene began to work to cut the gas, the fire team also took the environmental measure. Some citizens in the houses on the street watched work with fearful eyes. Two people working at the scene of the explosion occurred in the open area of ​​the line would not create a danger, he noted.
As a result of the work of the teams, the gas leak was prevented within half an hour.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:10

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