Gulf Bridge and Highway Reflection on the Region Discussed

📩 09/12/2018 15:59

The Gulf Bridge and the Reflection of the Highway to the Region Discussed: The reflections of the Bay Bridge and Highway Project in Yalova and its surroundings were discussed in the Orhangazi district of Bursa. With the bridge and motorway, it was agreed that Yalova will have great opportunities.
Regional reflections of the Gulf Bridge and highway project were discussed at Orhangazi district with the joint organization of Orhangazi Youth Culture and Solidarity Association and 3. Göz Newspaper. Rector of Yalova University to the meeting. Dr. Niyazi Eruslu, Yalova Deputy Mayor Halit Güleç, Jülide Güner, City Council Chairman Şükrü Önder and many guests attended. Speaking here, City Council Chairman Şükrü Önder shared his opinions about what the bridge and highway will bring. Stating that Yalova should be sensitive in the development of this project, especially in the areas of dirty industry and unqualified migration, Önder said, “I believe that the demand will increase in terms of settlement. The distance between Istanbul and Yalova will be lost. In the meantime, we have heard that some of the big industrial cooperatives are already looking for a place in Yalova. In other words, there will be an increase in Yalova in terms of industry. Yalova should be very careful about this. The industry that will be harmful to the environment should not be approached to Yalova and its surroundings. It is necessary to provide a structure that will not spoil the nature of Yalova or destroy nature, and increase the quality of sustainable life. On the other hand, the construction of the transit road reduces both traffic and associated air pollution in Yalova. I believe that both the Gulf Crossing Bridge and the highway project will contribute to Yalova economically. ”
Pointing out that real estate prices in Yalova have increased significantly due to the bridge and highway project, Önder said, “We are also experiencing a serious rise in real estate prices. I am not too uncomfortable with these prices rising though. Because this prevents unqualified migration. If everyone puts 50 thousand TL in his pocket and buys an apartment from Yalova, this will return to Gebze, Ümraniye. I also warn Yalova people not to sell their places. ”

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