Trees disassembled from Tram Line

Trees disassembled from the tram line are being rehabilitated in İzmit: Trees that have been dismantled due to tram construction in Kocaeli are being rehabilitated to be planted again.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's transportation network will accelerate the work of the tram will be accelerated while the construction route is shown great care. Trees with weights of 1-2 tons are removed without any damage and rehabilitated in Metropolitan Municipality Nursery Center. Trees showing human sensitivity are planted in the regions where they are needed again after the rehabilitation period.
Kocaeli, known as industrial city for many years, has become a city where green and blue coexist with the environmental services realized by the Metropolitan Municipality. The number of trees planted by leading Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, one of the city's major investments in the construction of the tram Akçaray have exposed how much you value the environment and nature. The Metropolitan Municipality, which does not harm any of the trees on the lines passing by the tram, maintains carefully removed trees in the Nursery Center for reuse.
The trees on the tram route are removed from their places without any damage. Some of the trees to be replanted can be 1 to 2 tons. The trunk thickness of these trees, which are in the special tree group, can find 1 meters. Special trees are removed from other trees, such as carefully removed from the pruning process. Treated trees are carried according to their age and thickness.
Treated with care and brought to the Metropolitan Municipality Nursery Center, the trees are planted in the pits which were opened in advance. Trees planted with tree planting machines are covered with soil conditioner and fertilizer in order to live in a healthy place. It is kept under constant observation to allow air gaps to be formed and adapted. Trees that have been rehabilitated like a human, 1 are kept for years. At the end of one year, the trees that have completed their rehabilitation are re-planted in the regions needed.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:10

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