İZBAN Line Changed Torbalı's Fate

📩 09/12/2018 16:00

İZBAN Line Changed the Fate of Torbalı: The Prime Ministry Mass Housing Administration (TOKİ) chose Torbalı as the pilot region. 2 rooms, a hall, 3 rooms, a hall, started a survey for the option of housing options for retirees and disabled people.
With the extension of İZBAN to Torbalı, the transportation problem has been solved and the fate of Torbalı district of İzmir is changing. TOKİ houses will be built in the district that is moving rapidly on the road to branding. For residents of Izmir, the criteria for being older than 25 are being sought.
Prime Ministry Mass Housing Administration declared Torbali as pilot region for its new housing project in Izmir. For this purpose, a survey study was started by TOKİ, covering the whole of Torbalı. In the questionnaire prepared to learn the type of residence of citizens; The 2 room, which refers to the lower income group, has a living room option, the 3 room, known as the social housing, has a living room option, a choice of housing options for retirees and people with disabilities. Where TOKI will do the housing and how many housing will be built in Torbalı 15 will be finalized after the survey study will be concluded after the day. TOKİ has a housing project completed in 2010 in Yazıbaşı neighborhood of Torbalı.
1500 reference received per day
TOKI applications in the district are coordinated by the Directorate of Housing of Torbalı Municipality. A team commissioned by the Directorate of Reconciliation is interested in requests from the municipal building. 2 has received an average of 1500 applicants a day before the ZAR Directorate. Applications are not limited to Torbalı. Demands from every district of Izmir are evaluated. The applicants are required to be older than 25 and to live at least one year in Izmir. The widow who has passed away has no age limit. Applicants with disabilities, widows and martyrs must apply for at least 3 years in İzmir.
President Sees, 'Torbalı'nin brand value is increasing'
Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez pointed out that the brand value of Torbalı increased with the extension of İZBAN line to the district. This development shows the rising prestige of Torbalı in Izmir. These are clear signs of the reflection of İZBAN in Torbalı. Torbalı is now one of the central districts of İzmir. Tor

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