Guardian Angels to Visit Patrol in New York Metro

The Guardian Angels will Patrol in the New York Metro: The Guardian Angels are returning to subways for the first time since 1994.
In the last month of the New York subway, 7 was attacked with passenger cars. Although the attacks seem unconnected with each other last year, young people performed the "knockout game" reminded of the attacks.
On the way, the number of young people who randomly chose foreigners to hit the ground with a single punch was reflected in the press. This year, a randomly selected 7 person was attacked with a cutting tool in the New York subway. In general, the attacks on the victims' faces are likely to be the result of a crime wave like the 'knockout' last year.

On Sunday, the city suffered sixth and seventh incidents in less than a month. Scary crimes seem to have inculcated the Guardian Angels for the first time in patrol for a long time.

For the first time since 1994, the red beret angels, who are regularly ready for day and night in the subways, are composed of volunteer members together with Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the group. The 12 volunteer teams will run in two shifts, one from morning to the evening, and one from the evening to the 7.00 hour.
According to Sliwa, who founded the group at 1979, drivers are demanding that the Guardian Angels start working again. Sliwa adds that the police need help and are unable to cope with this situation.

Two men in Manhattan were reportedly wounded on Sunday with cutting weapons. Police sources; 31-year-old Colwin McGregor's 3.00am hours in the south 2 train was attacked on the south platform, he said. According to sources, while McGregor was fighting with a woman, the woman encouraged another man to injure McGregor with a cutting tool. But the weapon could not be captured. Wounded, She was taken to Luke's Hospital and released some time later.
Then, 9: 00 is another man around, 155. Street and St. He was wounded in an attack on the C train stopping at Nichols Street. Robber, his wallet did not want to give the cell phone, the victim was injured using a knife. The offender has been reported to have escaped and is still on the run. The treatments of the injured were performed at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

New York Police Will Get Help from the Army
Chief of Police Bill Bratton said on Sunday that he is not surprised by the residents' concerns about the injuries and that the New Yorkers have the right to be on guard as a result of the happenings in subway. Speaking on John Catsimatidis' radio program, Bratton pointed out crowded trains and added that mental illnesses could be found among possible causes. Bratton, the Guardian Angels, as well as the army to get help reported.
At the end of last week, national guards patrolling the transit centers of the city, including Penn Station, since the fall of 2014, seem to have begun to show their presence back at the scene of the incident at the Barclays subway station in Brooklyn.

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