Governor Köşger Examines Haserek Ski Resort

Governor Köşger Haserek Ski Facility Investigated: Bingöl Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, Haserek Ski Facility has made investigations.

Bingöl Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger made investigations at the Haserek Ski Facility, which was built on the Hesarek Mountain by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Köşger received information from Erdal Arıkan, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports, about the facility.

Köşger, in his statement here, said that Bingöl has one of the best ski slopes and keeps snow for the longest time among the ski resorts in Turkey, and that Haserek Ski Facility has gained significant momentum in Bingöl with the interest of the private sector. kazanhe said he would go.

Köşger said:

“A ski resort was built by spending approximately 20 million TL for our citizens and athletes to make the most of it. A very nice facility that should have been established. This is the region most suitable for skiing. Our athlete friends, who have tried many tracks in Turkey and around the world, told us that the best track is in Bingöl and that there are very few tracks in this setting. We have an accommodation facility here, and if the private sector pays attention to it and builds 5-star hotels, Haserek Ski Facilities will give Bingol a serious impetus. kazanwill stop. State-of-the-art equipment was used here.”

“There is no security problem in Bingöl”

Emphasizing that Bingöl is among the safe cities, Köşger invited the sports to Bingöl and continued as follows:

“We currently have a facility that can accommodate 70 people. There is a very long track here, there are lifts, cable cars and similar facilities that can serve many athletes at the same time. Therefore, I think that Haserek Ski Resort can serve not only to Bingöl residents, but also to our entire country, especially the provinces adjacent to Bingöl. Bingöl is not far from Istanbul, it is 1,5 hours away by plane and Haserek Ski Facilities from Bingöl center can be reached in half an hour by car. The ski slopes of insects, the longest runways in the abdomen a place to stay in Turkey. I invite professional skiers and those who enjoy this business to Bingöl. There are all kinds of possibilities to host them both in the city center and at the ski resort. '

Köşger, after the description made a short ride with the snow engine.

Meanwhile, Turkey's longest-season ranks fourth runway and 4-bed hotel in the center of the ski resort will be specified.

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