Signed Transmashholding Partnership Agreement with General Electric

Transmashholding Signed Partnership Agreement with General Electric: The Russian firm Transmashholding (TMH) and General Electric (GE) announced that they will partner to produce locomotives and diesel engines. The agreement was signed by the parties in Penza, Russia, on 1 February. According to the agreement, the companies will produce engines for use in the maritime field, as well as producing locomotives for Russian Railways.
General Electric and Transmashholding in the half-partner agreement in the total investment of 70 million dollars will be made. In the project, firstly necessary equipments will be taken and a factory will be established to start production. After that, GEVO diesel engines with power between 2900 kW and 4700 kW will be produced.
General Electric said in a statement that approximately 250 engines will be produced annually and if a certain potential is reached, exports can be made in the coming years. Transmashholding President Andrei Bokarev said in a statement made in his statement that the companies will have more say in the railway industry.

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