Change in Transportation with İZBAN

📩 09/12/2018 15:46

Change in Transportation with IZBAN: IZBAN, 6 started its flights in the Torbali line as of February. With the start of Torbalı flights, the stations of Cumaovası and Menemen became transfer points. A single train to Aliağa was removed. IZBAN started its flights from 6 in the morning on the 05.25 February Saturday in the Torbali line. Expeditions from the end stations will continue until the last train at 23.55. IZBAN, 27 on this line, once a minute, by making the 76 expedition per day, the service will be carried to the passengers at the southern end of the city. According to the planning, Cumaovası and Menemen stations were also used as transfer points.
With the commissioning of the Develi, Tekeli, Pancar, Kuşçuburun, Torbalı and Tepeköy stations in the direction of Torbalı and the opening of the line, İZBAN has reached a suburb line of 110 kilometers. On the other hand, the number of stations increased from 32 to 38. With the extension of the line, an average of 20 thousand passengers will be added per day from Torbali direction and thus, the number of daily passengers will exceed 300 thousand. Although the opening of the Torbalı line of İZBAN was postponed due to the visit of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım to Kazakhstan, the company started its flights as planned on Saturday, 6 on Saturday.
The use of Cumaovasi and Menemen stations as transfer points was met with surprise by passengers who were not aware of the change. Passengers arriving at Aliagaya from Cumaovasi point of view are transferred to another train in Menemen with the new system. Aliaga'dan Cumaovası direction while going to another train in Menemen same way to continue the flight is continuing. The same system takes place at Cumaovası station.
The authorities of İZBAN, where we received information about the changes made, stated that in all countries where the modern rail system is located, transfer points are being used as long as the rail system distances extend. According to the information received from İZBAN officials, these transfer points were not used on the 80 kilometer line of İZBAN. A train was sent to Aliaga at 24 per minute. On the other lines 12 trains were traveling every minute. With the activation of the Torbalı line IZBAN line 30 and 110 more kilometers went to the kilometer. When 110 goes over mileage, transfer points have become indispensable. This system is similar to all European countries as well as Ankara and Istanbul Metro. In all countries where the modern rail system is used, it is not possible to travel without using the transfer points.
According to information obtained earlier in the direction of Aliaga 24 once a minute number of times a day 15 will be one per minute. The waiting time of the other train at the transfer points is not too high. The waiting time to transfer passengers to another train at Cumaovasi Station is between 3 and 5 minutes. This transfer system is not like a transfer system as in Halkapınar Station. When the passengers arrive at the transfer points, they can cross the same platform and go directly to the other terrace. This system is used to maximize the number of trains in the enterprise. A line of 110 kilometers can be passed in about 120 minutes of train. When the train departing from Aliağa came to Tepeköy, 120 minutes passed. 120 is the return of this train in the minute, a train 4 is on the line during the hour, and in this way, it is not possible to train the number of flights with the current set number. The main purpose of the transfer system is to keep the number of trains in the enterprise at the maximum level every hour of the day. Shorten the line and increase the number of train on the line. As the number of trains and passenger density increase, 24 will decrease to 15 minutes to 12 minutes. A system that will develop automatically with the number of passengers.

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