Parking for 440 cars to the entrance of the old metro tunnel in Izmir

A 440-vehicle parking lot at the entrance of the old metro tunnel in İzmir: A 2010-vehicle modern-storey car park will be built on the land where the approach tunnel in Hatay 2 street where the air tank exploded in 141 during the construction of the Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro line and 440 workers lost their lives. The tender of the facility, which will connect two streets with a difference in code, such as a viewing terrace and a historical elevator, will take place on Friday, February 26.
The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has a tender on Friday, February 440, for the construction of a new car park with a capacity of 26 vehicles in the Hatay region. Apart from the car park feature, the facility will have a viewing terrace and a decorative pool on the roof, and will provide a connection between two streets with a code difference of 22 meters, as in the Historical Elevator.
The facility, which will be the second parking lot of the Hatay region, will take place in Çankaya District (Uşak-i Zade Muammer Bey Street). Separate entrances will be made to the car park with a total of 8 floors and a capacity of 440 vehicles, from 22 (Bahattin Tatış) Street, which has a code difference of approximately 143 meters, and 141 Street. Both those who come to the parking lot and the local people, disabled and elderly citizens will be able to benefit from the elevators in the parking lot. There will be 15 vehicle spaces for the disabled in the parking lot to be built on a total area of ​​21 thousand square meters.
In the area where the car park will be built, there was the entrance of the approach tunnel providing logistic support to the construction of İzmir Metro Üçyol-Üçkuyular. 2010 in the tunnel entrance in the explosion of the air people lived in the environment has experienced a great fear, two workers died in the incident. The tunnel was closed after the construction of the subway.

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