New Name and Renewed Content Led Lighting and Electrical Internal Installation Fair 16

The new name and renewed content with the LED Lighting and Internal Electrical Installations Exhibition 16: Lighting industry to çağatlat LED technology field whose products in Turkey and in a single meeting point for international LED for the area, Disclosure and Internal Electrical Installations Exhibition, 06-09 with a brand new concept and content October 2016 aims to meet with those concerned. Unlike the 2015 year, where only LED products are available, 6-9 LED will be held in October 2016, the exhibition of the Lighting and Electric Internal Installation Fair. products are expanded to include.
Due to their outstanding performance, efficiency and environmental awareness, LEDs used in large-scale lighting conversion projects in developed countries, especially in the European Union (EU), have started to replace their old competitors, incandescent and halogen lamps. Due to the 'normalization' process of LEDs in the lighting market by leaving their marginal position, we prefer to use the lighting instead of LED lighting. Because we are Marmara Fairs; We believe we are at the beginning of the days when the saying of lighting is LED.
Unlike the 2015 year organization, which includes only LED and LED products, 6-9 will be held in October 2016. The LED, Lighting and Electric Interior Installation Fair, LED products, as well as the electricity coming into the building sockets, electric cables, fuses, etc. and all internal installation products, such as equipment.
With this expansion made in the product exhibition, we have increased the sectoral targets of Marmara Information Fair, Led, Lighting and Electric Internal Installation Fair; The fair is not only an organization attended by high-end LED companies, but also aims to make it a part of all LED and electrical companies starting from the base. With this move, Marmara Fair Organization has been involved in the LED, Lighting and Electric Internal Installation Fair since 2007; it aims at an expansion that the sector plans to incorporate into the organization.
Marmara Tanıtım Fuarcılık has started the International Led, Lighting and Electrical Interior Installation Fair in 2016 without making any distinction between domestic and abroad and has already started to cooperate with related associations, sectoral publications and similar fairs abroad. In addition to these agreements, the Marmara Fair Organization team, which also works in the field, takes the necessary steps to increase the knowledge and experience of the project team in the sector by taking part in meetings in which sectoral meetings such as congresses, symposiums and seminars are held domestically.
Contact: Aysu Ceren Ozaydin
Corporate Communications and Marketing Officer
Marmara Fair Organization
(+ 90) 212 503 32 32 /

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