10 best ski resort in Turkey

10 best ski resort in Turkey


Bursa is at the top of this list because of its close location to Istanbul and a very popular spot. The 36-1.750 ski center is located at the center of 2.543 kilometers south of the city. Uludag ski resort has a suitable geography with its Alpine and North discipline in terms of kayak tour skiing “and” helicopter skiing ile options. The best time for skiing in the center, where snowboarding and snowmobiling are available. 20 is the period between December-20 March. The area can serve thousands of people with snowfall.

Erzurum's Palandöken

When it comes to skiing or snow, there is a very long skiing period in Palandöken. You can ski between December and May in the area of ​​2.200-3.176 meters. We should also add that there is a different kind of snow in the snow.


Mount Erciyes is an extinct volcano located in the 25 kilometers south of Kayseri. 2 is the best time for skiing in the 20 zone where snow thickness is 20 meters in normal winter conditions.

Kars - Sarikamis

Located at an altitude of 2.634 meters and located at a distance of 55 to Kars, the ski resort has an important place in terms of snow quality. The 12 stage runway with 5 kilometers between pines has a very impressive beauty. 2500 altitude, crystal snow covered due to the skiing is indispensable for skiers, you can visit your visit between 20 December-20 March.


Kartalkaya is located at the height of 1.850-2.200 on Köroğlu Mountains with its semi-temperate climate, and 20 serves ski lovers from December to 20 March. Ski center Ski, hiking and skiing. Close to Istanbul, this ski resort is one of the best options for weekend getaways.

Mount Ağrı-Bubi

Bubi Mountain is a ski resort located in the center of Agri. The best season for skiing in this center is December-April. 18 person / hour capacity 600 meter in the ski center serves teleski. 1.227-1 measures the snow in the ski center.


Ilgaz ski center is located in Ilgaz National Park, on the Ilgaz Mountain Range, the peak of which is the 2.850 meter. The center is located on the border between Kastamonu and Çankırı provinces. The skiing season starts in December and lasts until April. In the ski center, there are a double chair lift and a teleski facility.

Bingöl was Yolaçan

The distance from the city center of Bingöl to the 25 kilometer is a continental climate, so the season starts in December and continues until March. The plant has a runway length of 1.000 meters and has special routes for beginners and advanced skiers.


The ski resort in the Bolkar Mountains is located on the main road in the distance of 40 to Erzincan. The ski season opens in December and continues until April. In the center, there is an 1.050 meter-long baby-lift facility with a length of 1.200 meters and a telescopic facility with 300 meters.


40 is located in Gümüşhane and 60 is located in Trabzon. 1.900-2.500 is located at a height of the region in December, the season opens in December and continues until April.
There is also a ski lift and a baby-lift facility.