Train Dioram of Zeki Alasya is on display

The train diorama of Zeki Alasya is on display: One of the masters of Zeki Alasya, who was one of the masters of our cinema passed away in May last year, ust Train Dioraması ğ, which was prepared by 11 annually, started to be exhibited in the Rahmi M. Koç Museum.
One of Alasya's main passions, the train model was donated by his wife Jülide Alasya and his daughter Zeynep Alasya to be exhibited in the Lengerhane Building of the Museum.
Zeki Alasya's diorama curiosity started in 2004 for the first time with a piece that was given as a gift Jülide Alasya, said: edil In the following years from abroad on the internet and the parts of the Marklin distributor diaroma has grown constantly. One day, when I got away from work, I saw our big dinner table and chairs going and instead of a big diorama, I saw the chipboards coming. Bir
Diorama revives a small town in all its details. Some parts of the diorama can be controlled by visitors via buttons connected to the established system, from amusement park to cinema, from the store to the children's park.
These gigantic three-dimensional models, attracting the attention of children, are used by many different groups, from rulers who have tried to make strategic decisions since the beginning of the century, to generals in war.
The word ”diorama sözcük, which consists of a combination of the Greek word N dia X (inside) and i orama ama (visible), was first used in 1823. 19. In the 19th century, the dioramas used to describe mobile theater instruments are used for hobby or exhibition purposes.

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